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Zurich Prime – A Progressive Broker


Zurich Prime has achieved an outstanding response in the world of forex exchange investment over the years. By delivering a vast variety of tools and attractive packages, Zurich Prime supports its diverse clients and organizational investors. No doubt, Zurich Prime is one of the leaders in online Forex investment firm. With smart investment portals, Zurich prime has been providing many opportunities for its exclusive investors. Unlike other forex traders who only cater to English speaking clients, Zurich Prime always strives to enhance and expand its client base through content localized in multiple languages. This allows a wider base portfolio and a more interesting trading environment.

Who regulates Zurich prime?

Zurich prime isn’t regulated by anyone; in fact, it is one of the few forex trading firms who are self-regulated. Zurich prime has adopted many internationally accepted regulatory policies. Zurich Prime makes sure that it fully protects the information of its investor family by using SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) over the internet. In today’s world where hackers have wreaked havoc everywhere, protection of online financial data becomes extremely important and Zurich Prime caters for this need.


Zurich Prime has achieved its trust amongst investors. By providing reliable information and transparent information policy through well maintained organizational image, Zurich Prime compensates for its unregulated structure. Zurich prime is not regulated by any big government regulator but it did prove itself over the years. That is why investors from all over the world use Zurich Prime to trade their stocks in the most competitive online trading market.

Charging fee?

Unlike other forex based companies, Zurich prime charge no fees for its clients since it is difficult for many investors at the beginning. By offering an exceptional market value to assist the investors, Zurich Prime has created a space for itself in the market. For Zurich Prime, their clients are the heart of their policies, so every step is taken with the investor’s view. The competitors often offered many new features but Zurich prime focused only on its clients which bore fruit in the long run.

Swift Tools and Technology

By using the appropriate tools and speedy technology, Zurich prime provides one click access to the trading market. The best updated version of a trading platform, which helps the investors to take swift actions, is essential. Many trading platforms run a bit slow and the milliseconds lost in communication here and there will sometimes cost big. The investor might lose out on the best bets of the day because of an unresponsive online trading platform. Zurich Prime keeps it simple and that is its main strength. Simplicity means better grasp over the technology by the traders and hence a faster response by them.


Many forex investment firms have been offering different trading platforms to meet the needs of different clients. Demo offers, trial offers etc., but Zurich prime has gone one step further. Keeping in mind the needs of its clients, Zurich prime has put three platforms. Investing in latest technology is everything, winning can be just a click away and so is losing.


Zurich Prime provides technology that allows you to trade from any device of your choosing. Whether you are using a desktop machine, or a mobile device running Android or iOS operation systems, you can always use Zurich Prime technology instantly and with complete reliability. This ease of use has contributed significantly towards the growth achieved by Zurich Prime.

Accounts Operated by Zurich Prime

Zurich Prime allows a minimal deposit of $250 to start the standard type account. This sum is extremely small for anyone doing trading business online. This means a low barrier to entry into the trading market. This standard account allows all the reliable features needed for a competitive and efficient trading activity.
Zurich Prime also support Islamic Accounts, which have special requirements and processes. These Islamic accounts are more expensive to open and will most a minimum of $20000 investment. But with so few online forex traders providing these types of accounts, the interested parties will find Zurich Prime’s offer a fantastic opportunity.
Zurich Prime also offers Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts for $500, $5000 and $10000 respectively. Gold members get a 10% bonus on initial deposit. And platinum members get a whopping 20% bonus on their initial deposits.
Zurich Prime also deals in oil and precious metal trading business and hence allows a full spectrum trading environment.

Final Word on Zurich Prime

Zurich Prime is a dynamic player in the online forex trading business. It provides a unique set of technologies and platforms through which old and new traders can participate in a competitive yet easy environment.
Zurich Prime not only focusing on English speaking investors, but also diversifies its investor portfolio by translating its material in several languages. This multi-national approach taken by Zurich Prime means a unique and diversified trading environment. They translate their expert analysis in multiple languages including Arabic. This allows more clients to join Zurich Prime platform for trading.

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