Consolidation indicator DinamicBreakOutBox

In theory and practice, the best time to trade in the market is a trend. But it is not always observed. After a strong movement, the price consolidates. Quotes fluctuate within a small range. In this case, there are two options for the trader. He may be out of the market, that is, waiting for the start of a new trend movement. But it can also earn a little during the period of price consolidation. An experienced trader can easily identify it. However, for novice traders, it will be useful to use the appropriate tool. Today I want to offer you it – this is the DinamicBreakOutBox consolidation indicator. It can be used to trade any asset. In MT4, the indicator is installed in the usual way. And it looks like this:

How to set up a consolidation indicator

In order to optimize trading, you need to work with the settings.

The Box-Lendth parameter is used to determine the size of the minimum consolidation.

Box-Time-Frame – here we write the TF on which it should be tracked.

To display all consolidations, the Auto-Box-Range function must be activated.

Auto-Box-Range-Daily-ADR-Period – this parameter is required in order to specify the duration of the interval. It will be used to calculate the average candle size.

Box-Buffer-Pips – here you need to specify how many pips the price must pass in order for the indicator to fix the breakout of the consolidation zone.

The remaining 2 indicators allow you to take advantage of its additional features.

Show-Display-Panel – activation of the information window.

The display of Fibo levels can be enabled using the Show-TP-Levels function. They can be useful for placing stop loss and take profit.

How to use DinamicBreakOutBox

Timely determination of consolidation allows the trader to fix profit on open orders and stay outside the market for some time. You can also open small trades by trading within the channel formed by the levels. In addition, you can place pending orders for the breakout of the consolidation zone. This will allow you to enter the market at the optimal point.

In conclusion, I will say a few words about the information window.

In it you can see the following data:

duration of consolidation (in candles and pips);

the total number of identified consolidations;

the number of signals to open buy deals and the possible profit from them;

average profit for these orders;

the number of signals to open sell deals and the potential profit from them;

average profit for sell orders.

The consolidation indicator , which I told you about today, can be downloaded from this link: