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CMS Trader Review 2017

CMSTrader is a CFD and forex broker which is an advisor for leading investments, this broker is owned and run by a registered Dominican holding company known as the Safe Side trading Ltd. CMSTrader has been registered under (FSP) financial service provider in New Zealand and was established in 2013. Their operations are being carried out in multiple countries like New Zealand, Bahrain, Dominica and Australia. Apart from the online services provided to CDF and forex, clients are offered with a wealth management customized by CMSTrader. With their management team having years of experience, CMSTrader has a professionalized and integrated way of conducting its operation.
CMS Trader Reliability – Is CMS Trader a Scam? (DO NOT EDIT HEADLINES!!!!)
Being one of the industry’s newest broker, CMSTrader has gone so far as making itself a name in the CFD and forex competitive trading industry. This broker has been regarded by the community of online trading to be among the greatest brokers around despite the time it was established. Traders still signs in to CMSTrader despite the fact the broker has only been regulated under the (FSP) New Zealand Service Provider and the holding company is found in Dominica, for the market of New Zealand. But what are the steps this broker followed to achieve this level of reliability with the community of online trading?

Integrity and Professionalism

Despite the fact of being regulated under one jurisdiction, it has not been a prevention for them to conduct a global operation with integrity and professionalism. They are capable of meeting the needs of their traders by offering them with a wide selection of trading accounts with a good number of trading platforms. There is always a trading platform that will meet the needs of these traders either being from beginner to the more professional traders. An example for a beginner trader is a trader with social trading access that that mitigates urge of getting a trading experience of the past.

24/7 Customer Support

Among the existing forex brokers, CMSTrader is one of those rare brokers with the readiness to provide customer support service on 24 hours a day. CMSTrader has an extended time for their customer support service which is covering the week ends since most brokers have a limited time for customer support. They have a system of bilingual staff in order to easily communicate with clients. They have a goal of fulfilling the wish of every client.
CMSTrader trader are provided with the CMS prepaid MasterCard in order to easily and efficiently withdraw funds without complications. Dealing with an industry full of brokers, you can get an advanced product from just few of them.
We have concluded on the fact that CMSTrader is trying very hard to ensure an pleasant trading experience for their traders whole working with them. They are continuously innovating as to constantly improve the quality of service they provide. Without withstanding, CMSTrader has been truly committed to staying ahead of most brokers through evolution within the industry.

Trading Platform

As to create an access to the finance market for their clients, a system of offering of trading platforms in 3 types has been developed and each platform has some strong and individual points.

SIRIX WebTrader

This is a wed based user friendly trading platform which is integrated and comes with a full host of original trading features, this platform gives trader the will to trade on a social trading platform and also let traders conduct a real time trading.

SIRIX Station

This is a trading platform that is highly stable and configurable, the SIRIX station gives you the ability to offer trades with an easy to use system which is almost instantaneously provided. This system has a sophisticated feature which gives you the ability to quickly show your reaction to market changes and also analyzes the effects of news.

SIRIX Mobile Trader

With the SIRIX desktop version being powerful as it is, it is possible for traders using the SIRIX trading platform to trade the markets as easy as from your palm using a smartphone. Traders can normally find the app as others apps on Apple’s App store and on GooglePlay Store.

Account Types

The CMSTrader provides 4 type of trading accounts, these accounts are the Mini account, Gold account, Silver account, and Exclusive account.

Mini Account

A $500 minimum deposit is required for the opening of a mini account, this account gives you the access use the Webtrader SIRIX platform which qualifies you to choose from more than 100 different tradable currency pairs.

Silver Account

This account is suitable for traders with more experience in the field, it has a $5000 minimum deposit. Gives traders the access to the Mobile trader and the CMS WebTrader. A direct entrance to the trading floor is also provided for you by this trading account.

Gold Account

You need a $50.000 minimum deposit to open a trading account. You a being provided with the choice of variable or fixed spreads. Your specific trading needs are being customized b the service.

Exclusive Account

These accounts have a $100.000 minimum deposit and it is only available for those able to trade with this amount. This account can only be gotten by an invitation.
As for those in need of his account, the Islamic trading account which is compliant to the Sharia law is always available. Overnight position on this trading account type do not I incur interest.


Commission & Spreads

The minimum spreads for the silver and mini trading account types starts from two pips. As for the Gold and the Exclusive accounts, a discount is being given on their spreads by making the spreads reduced by just one pip.

Customer Support

The CMSTrader active customer support working hours is 24/7 and it is done through email, live chat, telephone and fax. The following languages are supported by the customer support service; French, English and Arabic. The website can also be translated to other languages like Arabic, Russian, Italian, French.

24/7 Multi-Lingual customer support
Trading account choices
CMSTrader Prepaid MasterCard
Ability to select trading platform
Social Trading Supported
Wide range of assets
Only regulated in New Zealand
Non account holders are restricted from the website.
Lack of being informed about trading conditions
A higher minimum deposit than other brokers.
Asian kanguages are not supported.


Traders of CMSTrader have always used their offered service to stay keep the head of most brokers within the industry which makes them extremely competitive. They have some exclusive offering that can’t be found somewhere else. Their traders are being provided with some great trading platform selections which are perfectly made for experienced and both beginner traders. We will highly recommend that this broker deserves to be seriously considered.

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